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Edmonton Men Speak Against Men's Right Group (VIDEO)

WATCH: Men Speak Up Against 'Misogynistic' Men's Movement

Men in Edmonton are responding to a controversial men's rights group, making it clear that the "misogynistic" movement isn't a voice for them.

In a video titled 'A Voice For Men Is Not A Voice For Me,' a few Edmonton men are taking their voice back, saying the group isn't an accurate representation of the beliefs of all men; and that they're concerned about the effect the movement may have on Edmonton.

"The idea that they represent all of men's rights is complete fallacy," says Barret Weber, sociologist and instructor at the University of Alberta, in the video.

"This is a voice against fear-mongering politics that shame and oppress the voices of survivors of sexual assault," says another participant.

Men's Rights Edmonton is a group that called an anti-rape campaign in Edmonton hate speech and modified the campaign posters to suggest that women were lying about rape.

A second group called 'A Voice for Men' have also posted controversial posters in Saskatoon, saying "Feminism Equals Male Disposability" and "Men's Rights are Human Rights."

The speakers in the video say the group promotes misogynistic slander and rape culture, and state that a woman shouldn't have to feel afraid to walk home in her community.

"Don't take an anti-rape poster campaign as a personal attack, unless of course you're a rapist," says one man, referring to the group's claims that the anti-rape posters unfairly targeted men.

The video also tells the group that creating a safe environment in Edmonton, means a safe environment for everyone, including women.

Men's Right Edmonton posted the video on their website, stating they'd like to share arguments from their community. It received mixed reviews, with some commenters agreeing in part, and others calling out the "idiocy."

The video comes only a few months after Edmonton police warned women residing in or around the University of Alberta to exercise caution after reports of an assault in August.

Several women have been allegedly assaulted near Garneau and Whyte Avenue and many of the cases were of a sexual nature, and the assailant or assailants have never been caught, according to Global News.

University of British Columbia is also investigating a series of sex assaults that have occurred on campus since April and have promoted an usual "climate of fear" and unprecedented police and security measures.

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