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Edmonton Pet Funeral Home Gives Pet Owners Full Range Of Memorial Services

It's really sad when your pet dies. Heartbreaking. Some argue it's the same as losing a (human) member of your family. But is pet funeral home in Edmonton taking the loss of a four-legged life a bit too far?

Alberta's very first full-service funeral home for pets, Part of the Family Pet Memorial Centre, is offering everything you can find in a funeral facility intended for humans.

"When a beloved human family member passes away, a trusted funeral home is there to help you with the final arrangements. Now it is possible to have the same opportunity to experience this for a beloved pet," says a press release issued by the centre.

Not only does the centre offer an extensive selection of sympathy cards and pet loss literature, but you can browse Edmonton's most extensive pet urn collection or pick out that perfect piece of commemorative pet cremation jewelry (for those who don't know, pet cremation jewelry is exactly like it sounds - a bit of your departed pet's ashes are kept in a locket or pendant that you wear.)

Additionally, you can opt to remember Fido or Fluffy with a memorial service (Certified Pet Celebrant included, obviously) and invite any friends or family you/your pet may have.

And, just in case you're on a budget or don't want to gamble with inflation down the road, there's the option to pre-plan your animal's afterlife needs to ensure you "(lock) in today's prices for services that may not be needed for many years."

To be clear, we're not a bunch of animal haters here. We love our pets and hope they live long, loved lives and have peaceful passings. Perhaps this type of treatment shouldn't come as such a surprise; not with pet weddings that total $158,000, pet film festivals and pet sex toys.

As long as their are pet owners who are willing to shower their pets with love, we're sure the list of weird, wacky and wonderful pet offerings will grow.

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