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Edmonton Tops Numbeo Quality Of Life Index, Beats Calgary, Montreal, Toronto And Vancouver

Is Edmonton The Best Canadian City To Live In?

Edmonton beat all Canadian cities, and ranked third in the world in a Quality of Life analysis conducted by Numbeo. The festival city beat Calgary, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver, and ranked third only to Berlin and Zurich in the index.

A Reddit user posted the findings on the website and commenters quickly took sides.

"The only thing I took from this list is that we are 2 spots above Calgary," said ninfan200.

"Thank you. God I'm so sick of listening to people complain about this city. I've been to more than a few other big cities, and we have it pretty good here," said parallel_jay.

Numbeo states its quality of life indexes take purchasing power, house price to income ratio, safety, health and traffic time into consideration among other things.

What do you think? Is Edmonton the best Canadian city to live in?

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# 1 - Berlin, Germany

Top 25 Cities - Quality Of Life Index By Numbeo

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