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Edmonton Tops Numbeo Quality Of Life Index, But Is It The Best Canadian City To Live In?

Debate Heats Up After Best Canadian City Crowned

The report went viral after it was released earlier this week, prompting many Edmontonians to shout out their pride but leaving many Canadians plainly baffled.

Numbeo stated that its quality of life indicies take purchasing power, house price to income ratio, safety, health and traffic time into consideration, among other things, when formulating their rankings.

A survey conducted by the Huffington Post Canada asked readers to rate what they thought was the best Canadian city to live in. Vancouver topped their list, followed by Montreal and Toronto.

But Edmontonians were sticking to their guns on the topic:

Others were surprised:

"That must be a typo," said Philipp Postrehovsky on Facebook.

And some really didn't want to live in Edmonton.

If every other city was over-run with zombies and glittering vampires, I'd still choose every other city. :) - Joe LaFortune, Facebook

"No Chinooks or Mountains...enough said!" Trevor Smith said on Facebook.

An international survey released later this week rated Vancouver as the the top Canadian city for quality of life.

Mercer's 2012 Quality of Life Worldwide City Rankings ranked Vancouver 5th, Ottawa 14th, Toronto 15th, Montreal 23rd and Calgary 32nd. Edmonton didn't make the list, which ranks the world's top 50 cities for livability.

An editorial from the Edmonton Journal acknowledged Edmonton may have been marked down on the weather front.

"Yes, there are things that could improve our quality of life," it said. "But these are small things in the greater scheme...Maybe the authors of quality-of-life surveys should include in their calculations how rarely most of us ever consider leaving."

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