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Edmonton's housing market isn't so hot right now, but you wouldn't know it by some of these expensive homes on the market.

Prices and sales are down overall, thanks to fluctuating oil prices that brought uncertainty to Alberta's economy.

The total number of MLS sales were down 10 per cent in February compared to last year. Single-family homes dropped nearly three per cent during the same period, according to the Edmonton Real Estate Board.

It's not all doom and gloom, however.

“Relative to 2015, potential buyers have more inventory to choose from," Steve Sedgwick, chair of the Realtors Association of Edmonton, said in a statement.

Despite this inventory growth, prices have moderated only slightly compared to last year, so home owners and sellers can maintain some confidence that housing prices are remaining stable."

There are some incredible homes bringing warmth to the cool market.

Check out the top 10 most expensive homes on the market in Edmonton right now, courtesy of Point2 Homes.

5620 Whitemud Rd.

Edmonton's Most Expensive Homes For Sale (March 2016)

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