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'Sesame Street' Releases Pandemic PSA For Tired Parents Featuring Elmo's Dad

Elmo, please have mercy!

If you’re an exhausted parent at home right now, you have a friend in Elmo’s dad, Louie. In the latest pandemic programming from “Sesame Street,” the children’s series has released a PSA for parents starring the famous Muppet’s father.

In the PSA, Louie reveals that, like many kids cooped up at home, Elmo won’t leave his parents alone.

“It is wonderful to spend so much time with our children, but it can also be a bit ...” the older Muppet pauses, before letting out the world’s most relatable sigh. “Overwhelming.”

Moments before, an off-screen Elmo had yelled a request to build a pillow fort. Knowing the rambunctious puppet, that was probably the millionth request he made that day.

Between homeschooling, putting food on the table, curbing boredom, and everything else families are juggling, the pressures of parenting during a pandemic are hard. Louie recognizes the “amazing job” parents are doing in his PSA, but his main message to viewers is this: Parents, it’s OK to need a moment to yourself.

“Remember though, it’s important to take some time for yourself, you know, take care of you,” he tells parents.

Knowing how challenging it is, he has a list of recommendations for self-care activities parents can try, like stretching, listening to their favourite songs, or just taking a breath — the latter, he, decides, is something every tired parent watching should try ASAP.

“Come on! Breathe with me right now,” he asks parents. “Take a slow deep breath in, and then breathe out.”

He demonstrates his breathing exercise, adding, “It feels good, huh?” in a conspiratorial tone.

The frazzled and furry parent ends his PSA to answer off-screen Elmo’s continued pleas (giving serious Kim Kardashian and North West vibes, guys), but not before giving one last word of advice to parents.

“Hang in there and keep up the great work,” he says.

The greatest hits of Elmo’s dad

Louie Clash (formerly known as George Clash, a retconned name from his brief “Elmo’s World” cameo) has been a loving parent to the red Muppet throughout the years. Several moving segments on the show feature him explaining the hard facts of life to Elmo: military deployment, the death of a family member, and school separation among others.

Recently, Louie’s wife and Elmo’s mom, Mae, helped Elmo have a socially distant playdate with his friends during a primetime special.

While he’s under lockdown with his son, Louie will likely draw on his musical background to make their daily routines easier. A notable lover of saxophones and jazz (if the soul patch didn’t give it away), the furry father figure used to use silly songs to make everyday jobs like diaper-changing fun for baby Elmo.

Potty training gets easier with rhythm too.

Of course Louie passed on his love for melody-making to his son (the theme song for Elmo’s World” was self-penned of course). The musical dad once joined Elmo in singing a duet about riding bikes in the park.

The two legends reunited for a heartfelt song about how proud they are of each other. Cue the waterworks!

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