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Sudbury Singer Becomes Elsa From 'Frozen' To Serenade Seniors And Kids

The Disney character knows a thing or two about isolation.

“A kingdom of isolation, and it looks like I’m the queen,” is an iconic line Queen Elsa sings in the 2010 blockbuster “Frozen.” A decade later, it rings especially true for Canadians struggling with the loneliness of social and physical distancing. The pandemic has been particularly hard on seniors living apart from their families and children.

So who better than the beloved ice queen to spread a flurry of much-needed joy?

Children and elderly Canadians across Sudbury, Ont., are getting personal concerts from Arendelle’s finest, thanks to Kassandra Bazinet, a.k.a. “Kassie Taylor.” The 22-year-old performer is belting her magical ballads in driveways and facing windows.

A compilation of her local serenades (she dresses up as Princess Anna as well) shows Taylor visiting Westmount Retirement Residence to lift its residents’ spirits. She also brings smiles to children, watching her from their family’s driveways and balconies. Elsa gets a special surprise in one such concert, with the girl’s Disney-loving father joining her in a duet of a song from “Frozen 2.”

At the end of her show, Elsa delivers a personal message to her young fan that’s cleverly in-character.

“We might not understand why we have to stay inside. It can be scary sometimes,” she said. “But I think that one day when the gates will open — and I promise you they will — you’ll realize that you’ll be able to let it go.”

CTV reports she’s been performing upwards of 10 concerts a day, with many parents asking Taylor to visit their kids who are struggling with feelings of helplessness and anxiety. The demand’s so high that Taylor is supplementing her outdoor shows with upcoming Facebook livestreams featuring sing-a-longs and crafting sessions.

Elsa kicked off her tour to end nightmares

One little girl’s mental health inspired Taylor to start her quarantine tours. Her friend Bianca Charrette’s daughter Tiffany was having germ-related nightmares about the novel coronavirus. In an effort to cheer her up, Taylor asked if a visit from Elsa or the queen’s sister Anna would help.

Considering the family’s love for Disney and how relatable the “Frozen” siblings’ struggles with isolation, they agreed to a visit. Tiffany was delighted.

“Personally, it was the most magically thing I’ve ever experienced. I cried so much, had a hard time holding the camera,” Charrette wrote on Facebook, adding that the experience was something her entire family needed.

Melting fears away is exactly what Taylor hopes her concerts accomplish.

“Knowing that I can make a difference in someone’s life every single day makes me feel so grateful to be here,” Taylor told “I’ve always loved helping others and doing community work but being able to bring our community together, in a time this dark, has made me feel unstoppable.”

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