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Embarrassing Place Names: All Time 10 Picks Funny-Sounding Locations (VIDEO)

Take A Trip To Nipple Point, Antarctica

Nipple Peak may be Antarctica's 2442nd tallest mountain but it'll always be first in our books for laughs.

The peak is just one of a select few destinations All Time 10 has gathered as part of their round-up of places with embarrassing names. Other gems topping their list include Spunk Lake, U.S.A. and Spanker Knob, Australia (which also raises the question of what do you call locals from Spanker Knob? Spanker Knobbers? Spanker Knobites?)

Now, while the humour seems a bit juvenile, the pursuit to document places with strange, embarrassing or rude-sounding names can be serious business, to the point where people have tried to map such quirky-sounding places.

Back in February, Gary Gale, a geotechnologist and a geographer at heart, mapped a list of some lesser-known, yet vaguely-rude sounding destinations using an online list compiled by Yahoo! and a mapping application. You can view his work here.

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