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15 Reasons to Feel Better About Summer Ending

Well, it's been a summer for the books.

And as much as the fact that the looming unofficial last weekend of summer remains in the back of our minds this week like a black cloud, life's not that bad.

Here are 15 reasons feels just fine about summer ending - and why you should too.

1) Fall clothes.

Remember when 'back-to-school' shopping was the only saving grace about the school year starting? Between cozy sweaters, crisp new denim, leather jackets, the return of the boot, and layering in general - fall fashion's definitely something to get excited about.

2) You'll be healthier.

Sure, it's sad to think that weekend BBQs - complete with ample beer and sugary cocktails - will soon become a distant memory. But think of how much better you'll look and feel.

3) It's almost soup season.

Just as BBQ season winds down, soup season begins. Maybe now it's finally time to master that French onion soup recipe...

4) A potential fall romance.

Sure, that summer fling was pretty sweet while it lasted, but a fall romance has much more chance of lasting. And fall - full of cozy clothes, blankets, and long walks beneath changing leaves - really is one of the most romantic seasons.

5) Wedding season's almost over.

As much as you love your friends (and your significant other's friends), soon your precious weekends won't be dominated by yet another wedding with yet another identical playlist.

6) You'll see more of your friends.

After this Labour Day weekend, you won't be left bored and lonely if you're stuck in the city for the weekend. Your friends will be back from 'cottage mode' and right there beside you.

7) The return of red wine.

Sure, you've had some here and there with your steak or burger. But nothing says fall better than rediscovering your favourite red while curled up with your significant other (or a book).

8) Halloween.

We can basically begin the two-month countdown to Halloween. Because what YP doesn't love the excuse to dress up in costume? The more ridiculous the better...

9) Your skin will thank you.

Come on, we know you've forgotten to put sunscreen on or missed a spot this season at some point....

10) You'll be more productive at work.

Between short Fridays, a rotating round of vacation time among coworkers, and the weather, it's easy not to feel your most productive in the summer. With the first Tuesday after Labour Day the real start to the New Year, you can shake off that summer sun and start fresh.

11) You won't have to worry as much about the state of your feet and toes.

Because your flip lops and sandals will soon be packed away, you'll save money on that pedicure bill.

12) The return of football and hockey.

Meaning, Saturday night date nights at the game or on the couch watching Hockey Night in Canada ... and the return of Sunday Funday football parties. Even if you're not a sports nut but your significant other is, this also means the return to more 'me time.'

13) The return of event season.

As soon as September hits, charity ball season returns. And who doesn't love any excuse to get dressed up, enjoy an open bar, and support a good cause?

14) We are that much closer to ski and snowboard season.

Because waterskiing and wakeboarding just aren't the same.

15) Because there's nothing you can do about it.

As shocked as we are each year that the summer "just flew by," it always does. There's no point in lamenting about it. Even if you live and breathe for the summer, the end of #summer14 means we're just that much closer to #summer15.


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