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3 Moves That Can Help You Look And Feel Taller

And you'll feel better, too!

Poor posture doesn't just give you a hunched back, it actually makes you shorter too.

In this week's episode of The Quick Fix, Dr. Liza Egbogah, director of the[fix] chiropractic clinic and creator of the Dr.Liza pump, demonstrates three easy exercises to help improve posture and lengthen the body.

"By releasing tight pectoral muscles, the shoulders will visibly drop and move backwards, combatting the rounded hunch effect," Dr. Liza tells HuffPost Canada. "This results in a taller-looking frame."

fizkes via Getty Images

And it's not just your shoulders and pecs that are to blame for your bad posture — Dr. Liza says your middle back is also a culprit since a weak middle back is most susceptible to poor posture and ageing.

These moves are about more than just looking taller; in some instances they can actually temporarily increase height.

According to Forbes fitness contributor Bart Loews, constant slouching can compress your spine by one per cent. Fortunately, consistent stretching can reverse the compression.

So if you're really looking for results and you're constantly crouched over a computer, you might want to do these exercises more often to combat that hunched back.

Watch the video above to learn all of the moves.

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