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Eyebrow Waxing 101: Everything You Need To Know

Everything You Need To Know About Eyebrow Waxing

Thanks to model Cara Delevingne, eyebrows have been having a major fashion moment for a good two years.

But when it comes to achieving the perfect brow shape, it's not as easy as it looks. (We can't all be born with #eyebrowsonfleek.) So, I went to the experts at Waxon Waxbar here in Toronto, for a little help.

You see, before I had my appointment at the wax bar, I was an eyebrow waxing virgin. That's right, I'd never done it before. Up until this point, I'd been an avid plucker, and would only pull out a few hairs here and there. I'm no Cara Delevingne, but I've always been content with my brows -- they're dark and full, but definitely not overwhelming -- but now, I'm a changed woman.

Thanks to brow expert Shima Ghasemi, my brow game is on point (if I do say so myself). She went through the process of waxing step by step and taught be about the best practices so I can share them with you, dear readers.

Just continue reading below to see how it all went down, and make sure you take what I learned with you to your next appointment.

Me -- Before
Madelyn Chung
This is how my brows looked before -- I thought they looked pretty good, but little did I know, they were about to be thoroughly improved.
Cleanse The Skin
Madelyn Chung
Before you actually get your hair ripped out of your face (because that's literally what happens) you should make sure your skin is clean. Shima used a gentle cleanser on a cotton pad to wipe away the day's dirt, grime, and makeup. She then wiped an oil over the area to act as protection before applying the hot wax.
Madelyn Chung
If your brows are unruly, like mine were, they might need to be trimmed a little bit. But not to worry, this doesn't make them look any less full.
And Now For The Wax
Madelyn Chung
Shima used a hard wax on my skin, meaning it didn't need to be removed with a cloth. Instead, it hardens right on the skin and gets pulled right off. The best part about it is the fact that it doesn't pull the skin -- it just pulls the hair -- so it's not as harsh as a typical wax. The formula Waxon uses was developed in Australia, and is great for sensitive skin. It also helps reduce redness, which is a plus when dealing with wax.
Madelyn Chung
This was the part I was most nervous about, but as it turns out, it wasn't bad at all. Shima applied the wax at the top, bottom, and yes, in between my brows, and then just pulled it all off. If you're nervous about having too much hair removed, just make sure to let your waxer know that you like your shape and are just looking to clean things up. It may feel like he/she's taking off a lot, but have a little faith -- these people are experts, after all.
Madelyn Chung
Following the wax, Shima cleansed my skin again to help close my pores. That way, it would prevent any dirt from the air from penetrating my skin. "It's so important [to clean the skin], because if you go and put makeup on everything like that, all of the sudden, you're putting all this stuff into your pores which have just been exposed," says Waxon's founder, Lexi Miles. To help with the redness and slight irritation, Shima also applied a hydrocortisone cream.
Covering Redness
Madelyn Chung
After my hair was waxed and my skin was cleaned and soothed, Shima proceeded to apply a medical grade mineral makeup (called priori MD) to my skin to cover up the redness. However, both Lexi and Shima agreed that you should wait a few hours before applying your regular makeup, as it could penetrate the skin and in turn, cause breakouts.
Me -- Waxed
Madelyn Chung
Freshly waxed, not filled in.
Me - Waxed, Close-Up
Madelyn Chung
All cleaned up!
Time To Fill In
Madelyn Chung
When filling in the brows, a powder is so much more gentle, and you can see exactly where you're applying.
Time To Fill In Pt. 2
Madelyn Chung
Create the line first, around the edges of your brows, and then fill in. Use a light hand, so as to not make things look too heavy (we don't want any rubik's cube brows here).
Me - One Eyebrow Done
Madelyn Chung
My left brow is filled in and lookin' fab.
Me -- Brows Complete
Madelyn Chung
Et voila!
And We're Done!
Madelyn Chung
A huge thanks to Shima Ghasemi for strengthening my brow game (#eyebrowsonfleek) and to Lexi Miles for inviting me to have my brows waxed for the first time! A success, I'd say.

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