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Ezra Levant Goes On Outrageous Rant Over Trudeau Bridal Party Photobomb (VIDEO)

WTF: Ezra Levant Mocks Trudeau Photobomb By Calling Dad 'Slut'

Justin Trudeau kissed a bride on the cheek and Ezra Levant didn’t like it. So much so that he found a way to call Trudeau’s father a “slut.”

The Sun News Network host delivered his diatribe on Monday’s episode of “The Source” – and railed over a photo of the Liberal leader stealing a kiss on the cheek from an unnamed bride.

The federal Liberal Party leader was at the Hilton Hotel in Markham, Ont. on Saturday for a general meeting when Trudeau’s photographer Adam Scotti snapped the picture of the bridal party photobomb.

“What happened was Mr. Trudeau ran into the groom and groomsmen who asked him to take a few photos with the wedding party. Mr. Trudeau asked if he could kiss the bride on the cheek, and she happily agreed. It was a fun, lighthearted moment,” explained Trudeau spokesperson Kate Purchase to HuffPost Canada.

But the seemingly innocent peck on the cheek had Levant all hot and bothered.

“Look at the photo: a young beautiful bride half Trudeau’s age – he turns 43 this year. She’s dressed in white, it’s her special day,” Levant said. “Hers and her groom’s. And Trudeau kisses her. That’s what he does.”

Levant supported his “That’s what he does” remark with a series of extraordinary comments including a jab at Canada’s “media party,” a photo of Huffington Post reporter Althia Raj with the Liberal leader, and how Trudeau’s mom “didn’t like to wear panties back then.”

Then being the ‘60s and ‘70s.

Ignoring the possibility of Trudeau being invited to join in on the photocall, Levant filled his rant with suggestions of inappropriate behaviour, accusing Trudeau of flouting the sanctimonious tenets of traditional marriage and its conservative expectations.

He even hooked in a reference to “Wedding Crashers” – or as Levant put it, “that sex comedy where slutty men go to weddings uninvited to bed the maids of honour.”

Turning his focus to the Liberal leader's “promiscuous” father, Levant took a colourful shot at former prime minister Pierre Trudeau.

“Liona Boyd. Margot Kidder. Kim Cattrall. He banged anyone, he was a slut,” Levant said.

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