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Facebook Us Pages: Social Media Site Introduces Page For Couples

A Facebook Page Just For Couples?
Facebook Sample

Facebook is at it again, sneakily changing things without telling us.

And "us" is the key word in this latest development on the behemoth social network.

Starting last Thursday, Facebook began rolling out "us" pages, according to They're pretty much the relationship version of the existing "friendship" pages, curating all the activity you and your sweetie have recorded on FB. That means all your (vomit-inducing) adorable couple selfies and "missing you, honeybuns, haven't seen you in 45 seconds xoxo" posts are together in one place.

And while we are on this topic, we would also like talk about Facebook pages for babies. Some parents are creating Facebook profiles for their new babies or even unborn babies. Why does a 1-year-old need a Facebook profile?

To view your personalized love montage, log into FB and go to If you're single -- you don't have one. Deal with it.

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