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Facebook Year In Review: Best (And Possibly Worst) Moments Of 2013

It's time to get a little nostalgic about your own life. If you look in the top left-hand corner of your Facebook page today, right under your beautiful display photo, you may notice a "2013" in bright blue letters.

Earlier this week, Facebook released its annual Year in Review list highlighting the site's biggest viral trends, check-ins, and things people couldn't stop talking about in 2013. But to make things a little more personal, the social media network also rounded up 20 of your top moments of the year.

New babies, new jobs or just your well-deserved vacation, the social media network has collected some of your top Facebook status updates (we assume depending on likes), best (and unfortunately sometimes worst) tagged photos and even some of the funny wall posts you may have forgotten about.

And true to our Facebook stalking natures, you can also see some of the best moments from your friends' pages, including photos and wall posts about graduations, weddings and all those other precious moments in life.

If you don't have the link visible yet, you can alternatively follow this link to be taken to your custom page. The only real catch? You have to be somewhat active on Facebook.

What were your top moments? Let us know in the comments below.

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