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Fall 2014 Wedding Dress Trends: 10 Styles Every Bride Will Love

Fall Wedding Dress Trends
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We're in the middle of summer but fall is quickly heading towards us faster than you can say "yes to the dress"!

For those women who are lucky enough to be getting married in the autumn, it's time to finalize what you're going to wear but not to worry because we have the top fall 2014 wedding dress trends to help you decide.

But no matter what's trendy in bridal-wear, it's important to remember to choose a gown that you feel comfortable and beautiful in (advice that "Say Yes to the Dress" star Randy dolls out on every episode).

So, without further ado, here are the biggest wedding dress trends for fall 2014.

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Tattoo Lace

Fall 2014 Wedding Dress Trends

1. Tattoo lace details

A modern twist on traditional lace, the tattoo lace gives off a very ethereal and romantic look. Ideal for brides who are looking for an update on the classic dress.

2. Colour

Yep, colourful gowns are still going strong well into fall 2014, but this time, the hues are deeper, complementing fall's earthy, rich tones. Think burgundy, dark pink, red, plum and even black!

3. Short!

No longer reserved for summer, short wedding dresses are trendy for fall and it's not hard to see why. Not only do they come in all kinds of fabrics and shades, but they're great for showing off your gorgeous wedding shoes!

4. Lace sleeves

Lace isn't going away anytime soon (thanks, Kate Middleton!), but if a bride isn't feeling an all-lace look and still wants a hint of the traditional fabric, lace sleeves are where it's at. Perfect for the bride who isn't into the strapless dress and wants to add that hint of elegance to her bridal look.

5. Two-piece look

The crop top trend has finally carried over to wedding gear! For the ultra modern bride who wants to flaunt what she's got, a two-piece wedding dress is super cool and a bit bohemian. And if you're worried about the cooler temperatures, just throw on a chic little leather jacket or bolero (in white, of course!).

6. Sheer neckline

Ok, so strapless wedding dresses are probably never going away, but if you want to rock that look without going all the way, a sheer neck is a great compromise.

7. Loose and romantic

Gone are the days where you're expected to squeeze into your dress (and a pair of Spanx). This fall, give your body a break in loose gowns in light, airy fabrics like silk chiffon. Not only will you be comfortable but you'll look like a goddess.

8. Capes and shrugs

Fall isn't summer, obviously, so you're gonna want to protect yourself from the chill with a gorgeous cape or shrug, natch. They can be light and lace or can be made of heavier fabrics to ward off the cold.

9. Headbands

We can all thank "Gossip Girl" for starting the headband trend and movies like "The Great Gatsby" for making it popular for brides. Opt for a headband if you don't want to wear a veil and rock that ultra cool 1920s style with elegance.

10. Metallics

For the bride who wants to add a lot of bling without the jewels, a silver metallic gown is the way to go.

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