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Fall Boot Pairing 2015: Like A Wine Pairing, But For Boots And Clothes

Like a wine pairing, but for boots and clothes.

Summer is almost over which is great because I hate it and it’s useless. And while I’m currently writing this at the end of August’s first full week (meaning that we still have several weeks of it left), you and I both know that now is the time we’ll start seeing better clothes -- or more specifically, autumn clothes.

This, of course, is equal parts wonderful and overwhelming. Nobody here is a millionaire, so we have to watch our budgets and our credit limits and our self control, all while trying to justify novelty items like hats and/or very exciting belts and/or those scarves that seem like a great idea at the time but are actually just blankets and will make you way too warm. (I own two and I regret them both.)

So today it our crash course in boots for clothes. Or, a way to pair boots with particular outfits in a season in which there are no less than 925285 boot styles, and even more ways to wear them. This is for those of us who can afford to buy one or two more styles, tops. Also, for anyone who’s ever been unsure about anything over-the-thigh. Why? Because me too, you guys. Me too.

<strong>1. Boot Type: Ankle Boot (Heeled Or Flat)</strong>

Boot Pairing 2015

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