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Fall Finger Foods To Keep Your Kids Fed All Season

You can't go wrong with taco sticks.
You won't let your kids down with these snacks.
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You won't let your kids down with these snacks.

Who doesn’t love a good snack? Apparently, Canadians just can’t get enough of them.

Fall finger foods are trending online, with searches up 745 per cent in Canada, according to Pinterest’s November trends report.

And for good reason! Finger foods are the gift that keeps on giving: bite-sized, easy to eat, always tasty, and not too difficult — or time-consuming — to prepare. What more could you ask for?

Since most kids would live on snacks alone if they could, here are some kid-friendly finger foods to keep them fed all season long!

Sweet and spicy bacon-wrapped meatballs

What’s better than a flavourful meatball? Answer, a bacon-wrapped flavourful meatball. These ones — which use a mixture of brown sugar and chilli powder — are a surefire crowd pleaser.

Get the recipe: The Gunny Sack

Bagel bites with garlic herb cream cheese

Sometimes, the simplest recipes are the best ones. Bagel bites are great for any time of day, and you can use the leftover cream cheese to pair with some veggies and pita chips.

Get the recipe: Food by Maria

Tuna salad pickle boats

Who said food can’t be fun? These tuna salad pickle boats are an adorable comfort food that your kid won’t be able to keep their hands off of. Plus, it has a 15-minute (you read that correctly) prep time.

Get the recipe: Delish

Crispy avocado fries

Fries ... but healthy? This crispy snack is low-ingredient and low-maintenance, and a good source of vitamins and healthy fats. (Warning: they’re also extremely addictive.)

Get the recipe: Delish

Butternut squash hummus

Hummus is the perfect snack, because you can pair it with literally anything you want to (Chips! Pitas! Fruits! Veggies!). This one uses a nutty brown butter to add some extra punch to a simple, flavour-packed dish.

Get the recipe: Vegetarian Ventures

Cream cheese and herb cucumber bites

These cucumber bites aren’t just crisp and fresh, they’re also paleo and vegan-friendly. (They’re gluten-free, too.) You can experiment at will with the garnish for the cream cheese, but no matter what you use, it’ll always be a fun and delicious finger food.

Get the recipe: Delish

Turkey club cups

Nothing’s more classic than a sandwich, and usually, nothing is simpler either. But this recipe manages to remix it to make it even easier, cramming it with flavours that are destined to be a home run with your kid.

Get the recipe: Delish

Cheesy taco sticks

Nobody complains about tacos. Cheese. Beef. Whatever else you feel like throwing in there. What’s not to love about that, but wrapped up in a finger format?

Get the recipe: Fantasi

Vegetarian taco pinwheels

These veggie pinwheels are loaded with flavour. Not only are they easy to make, they’re also perfect for your kid’s lunchbox. You can even try for a spinach tortilla instead, if you want to go healthier.

Get the recipe: Taste of Home

Mac and cheese bites

Nothing in the world makes more sense than mac and cheese. Every kid loves it, even the pickiest of picky eaters. This recipe is optimal for an after-school snack, and you can customize it with bits of veggies or whatever else, if you really want to. (Plus, it’s comfort food, so don’t hesitate to snatch up the leftovers for yourself in the name of self-care.)

Get the recipe: Yahoo

Gluten-free pumpkin-oatmeal ice cream sandwiches

Treat yourself with an ice cream sandwich that swaps out the classic chocolate for a pumpkin-oatmeal partnership. It’s great seasonal fun, and the perfect treat

Get the recipe: One Degree Organic Foods

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