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Does Farting Around Your Partner Impact Intimacy?

If passing gas is au naturel, why do the majority of us clamp up if we're near our significant others?

Relationship expert Charles J. Orlando recently led a discussion on HuffPost Live about farting's impact on intimacy. He says although 60 per cent of couples say farting should be left out of the bedroom, 40 per cent say it doesn't really bother them.

While Orlando continues to talk about his own farting experience around his partner (or lack thereof, really), we thought we'd take this time to open up the discussion with our readers. Do you feel comfortable farting around someone you love? Have you ever passed gas during sex?

And again, while there really is no right or wrong answer, some bloggers like Treva Brandon of HuffPost 50 says she still can't bring herself to fart or even burp around her spouse, while Leah DeCesare from FamilyShare says getting comfortable around your partner is a test how "how far your relationship will go."

Watch the video above to find out what Orlando has to say around farting and pregnancy. And remember, you probably farted in your sleep last night, just saying!

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