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FATWater Is The Latest Health Craze From The Bulletproof Coffee Guy

And wants to replace everything else you drink.

Forget about coconut water — this new drink uses oil to make a low-calorie alternative to coconut drinks and sports beverages.

FATWater is the latest drink to cause a stir on the health food scene. Developed by Bulletproof coffee entrepreneur, Dave Aspey, the drink blends a few drops of Bulletproof XCT Oil with purified water, sweeteners and flavourings.

Like Bulletproof coffee — which combines black coffee and butter — the health benefits of FATWater are attributed to the use of the special oil which contains medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) found in coconuts. According to the Bulletproof website, a packet of the FATWater oil and flavour contains less than 30 calories, but provides as much energy as consuming 120 calories of coconut oil.

The site recommends using the drinks for “performance, sustainability and recovery,” so in essence, meant to replace everything from Gatorade to coffee to the water you’re drinking every day.

But researchers at Columbia University told Time that MCTs don't actually give you energy, they just burn away since they aren't useful to your body. What MCTs might do, however, is help with weight loss. '

A 2008 study published to the National Library of Medicine says

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