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Just try not to cry at the last photo.

A father and son took the same picture for 27 years and the results are incredibly touching.

Starting in 1986, the father is seen lovingly cradling his new baby boy. As the years pass, we watch as the pair grows older together and maintains their close relationship. The son gets taller and begins to look more and more like his father each year. As for the dad, he naturally ages, welcoming a bit more weight and a few wrinkles.

While the entire transformation is moving, the last photo really moved us. Take a look at the touching series below.


Father And Son Take The Same Photo For 27 Years

On Wednesday, the photo series made its way on to Reddit and received hundreds of positive comments from users. “That last photo made me smile, it'll be a cool family tradition,” one said.

Another keenly observed: “It is interesting as the son and father aged where the arms and hands gradually shift from the father protecting/comforting the son to the son protecting/comforting the father. At least that is how I perceived it. Great pictures, excellent idea.”

But while many were touched by the photos, there was one fact that couldn’t be denied – the boy’s uncanny resemblance to Bruce Lee in 2002. One commenter wrote: “I seriously thought for a second ‘oh shit this is Bruce lee?!’”

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