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Federal Election 2015: 2.4 Million Canadians Voted In Three Days, Dwarfing 2011

Good job, Canada.

Canadians headed to the advance polls in massive numbers this weekend with more than 2.4 million votes cast so far.

Advance polls were open this holiday weekend between Oct. 9 and Oct. 12, and early reports point to a massive showing.

It's a few minutes to shape the next four years. Update: Elections Canada estimates 2.4 million Canadians voted from...

Posted by The Huffington Post Canada on Sunday, October 11, 2015

Elections Canada said that on Friday, 850,000 people voted. On Saturday (780,000) and Sunday (767,000), large numbers of Canadians showed up at advance polling stations. The 2.4 million votes were a 16 per cent jump over the 2 million that were reported in the same period during the 2011 election. Monday's count was not included in the total.

While long lineups were reported at advance polling stations, social media feeds were filling up with citizens sharing how they were voting this weekend.

While advance voting ends after Monday, you can still cast your ballots ahead of election day (Oct. 19) at an Elections Canada office.

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