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Female Orgasms Can Be Achieved By The Right Sex Positions: Study

And it's pretty straight forward.

It has nothing to do with the size of a penis, it turns out, but everything to do with the right position.

According to a recent report by the Mayo Clinic and the Indiana University School of Medicine, while factors like psychology, penis size and the G-spot seem important to achieve a female orgasm, researchers say it all comes down to stimulating the clitoris.

"This gives us a more scientific and anatomical basis for why people aren’t achieving orgasm than just the societal feelings of penis size or G-spot placement," author Dr. Jason Siegel of Mayo Clinic told the Daily Mail.

"If we start identifying different reasons people aren’t achieving orgasms, that can give patients a little more hope that if they bring it up to their doctor, they can be diagnosed and helped," he added.

Researchers analyzed previous studies on neuro-anatomy and sexuality, Maxim notes, and found for men, "delicate play" was vital for them to achieve the big O.

But for women, things got a little more complex. Rather than focusing on intercourse itself, the best way for women to reach an orgasm was by moving or 'migrating" the clitoris towards the vaginal wall.

As the Daily Mail adds, researchers stated "doggy style" wasn't the best option for women to achieve orgasms, but rather the good old missionary positions as well as the "cowgirl."

And if you are tired of the missionary position altogether, experts at Cosmo say other positions that will end in an orgasm include the face-to-face straddle and having sex on the side. Of course, you can always change up the scenery too — having sex in a new location might help you get the blood flow going.

"Orgasms are com-plex phenomena involving psychological, physiological, and anatomic variation," researchers note.

"While these variations predispose people to certain sexual function, future research should explore how to surgically or medically alter these."


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