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Fifty Shades Of Grey Baby Births: Windsor Hospital Sees Spike In Births, Attribute Book


A significant spike in baby births at a hospital in Windsor, Ontario, has been attributed to the book Fifty Shades of Grey, which has become a cultural phenomenon.

David Musyj, CEO of Windsor Regional Hospital, tells CBC the hospital has seen a whopping 30 percent surge in deliveries over the past week, and cites the impact of the book -- released last January in Canada, nine months ago -- as a possible reason. (You know, the more sex people are having, the more babies.)

"When this book came out, everyone said 'just wait it's coming,'" he says of the increased birth rate, adding that his nursing staff agrees. "We've been talking about it all week."

While a baby boom has been predicted by others stemming from the erotic book -- Ellis Cashmore, a media and culture professor at Staffordshire University, predicted one earlier this year that will happen in the UK -- not everyone agrees.

Leading Canadian demographer Doug Norris says "Unless someone does a specific analysis it’s hard to say. It’s possible there’s an effect like that. It would be pretty hard to detect." He thinks it has more to do with the children of baby boomers now having kids.

In any case, if there is indeed any connection to the book, just wait until the movie adaptation comes out. Then we'll see a spike in Fifty Shades Date Night babies.

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