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Fishermen Understandably Freak Out After Killer Whales Swim Under Their Boat


Some fishermen in Washington state can be forgiven for their very frazzled reactions after a pod of killer whales swam right under their rowboat.

A Facebook video of the close encounter near Anderson Island in Puget Sound is making the rounds on social media after it was initially posted in December.

The first few seconds of the footage show a distant pod of orcas leaping out of the water.

The crab fisherman sitting in the rowboat, including cameraman Steven Sloan, seem pretty exhilarated to have stumbled on the animals.

Then, the killer whales get closer. And closer. And then they disappear.

"Let's see if they pop up again," one voice says in the video. Another suggests they ought to start rowing back to shore.

But before they know it, the pod was right underneath the rowboat, and the fishermen's reactions are priceless:

Orcas at Anderson!

WARNING: inappropriate words are used (the s-word) we are sorry but we were scared.My buddies and I were crabbing off of the west coast of Anderson Island and even though we didn't really catch anything, we got to see the pod of orcas everyone has been talking about! We were in a little aluminum rowboat and we think that the sound of the rope being pulled along the side of the boat is what attracted the babies because right after we pulled up the pot the pod headed right for us.Most of the fun from this video comes from how scared we (really just me) were so some profanity is used. However feel free to laugh at how I respond to a scary situation like this (I yell run even though we are in a rowboat) and enjoy the beautiful orcas at the beautiful Anderson Island!

Posted by Steven Sloan on Friday, 19 December 2014

Another boater caught a similar encounter on camera while he was passing by Anderson Island that same week. (Watch video below.)

The footage from both videos is eerily similar.

Seems the orcas around Anderson Island are a very friendly bunch.

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