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Flip The Switch: How To Stop The Kids From Fighting In The Car

It's not just the kids who get into it in the car!

Travelling with kids can be tricky — especially when you're confined to tight spaces like a car.

In this week's episode of Flip The Switch, parenting expert Alyson Schafer provides three easy strategies for responding to sibling fights in the car.

"[The car is] a perfect place for them to get into their sibling issues," Schafer explains. "They know that you are a hostage to their antics."

And it's not just kids who fight in the car. According to a 2010 study, 71 per cent of couples have fought while driving and it only takes 22 minutes for them to get into it!

"When you’re on the open road (especially travelling with kids), you don’t have much control over weather, traffic, washroom needs, noise, etc. When we don’t have control, we experience stress," relationship expert Jess O'Reilly explains. "You’re in a hyper-vigilant state when driving and this can be emotionally triggering for some people."

Knowing the reason why your kids are fighting in the first place makes solving the problem that much easier. In fact, Schafer suggests how giving kids the opportunity to solve their fights themselves, which can help arguments diminish altogether.

Laying ground rules before getting in the car can also help reduce arguments on the road. "Just as you assign specific roles at work, so too should you adhere to defined roles while travelling," says O'Reilly, who insists the bottom line is to simply "stay in your lane."

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