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'Follow-Up' Podcast: Does This Canada Election Campaign Spark Joy For Anyone Yet?

It's a semi-charmed kind of life in the new West Block chamber.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gestures
Cole Burston/CP
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gestures

OTTAWA — Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our pre-election lives.

Reinvigorated MPs returned to the House of Commons this week, keen on unleashing their salvo of election-year attacks in a retrofitted West Block. But the temporary (and literal) echo chamber has yet to charm everyone.

Architects defended the design of the new House, saying the building's curved glass roof was constructed to improve speech intelligibility. But a top complaint among MPs: there's too much noise.


In this episode of "Follow-Up," host Althia Raj turns to professional noise-sorters including HuffPost reporters, partisans, and a pollster to understand the early election strategies worth keeping tabs on.

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Detailed show notes:

  • (6:48) HuffPost editor Ryan Maloney says Liberals have a "big fish to take down"

  • (8:28) HuffPost reporter Zi-Ann Lum on how the PM's handling of hecklers has changed

  • (13:02) Pollster David Colletto on the "great unknown" factor

  • (16:09) Tory MP likens election year to the Super Bowl

  • (20:01) Greg MacEachern warns of the temptation of election-year "false starts"

  • (24:44) "As far as Mr. Bernier goes, he's a real gift to Justin Trudeau"

  • (31:34) That "four knights of the Apocalypse" Maclean's cover

  • (38:14) Outremont is a barometer for 2019 election

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