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The Best Food For Your Brain Might Be Your Breakfast

If you want to boost your memory, increase energy or just perform better mentally, take a minute to eat breakfast.

In the video above, DNews investigates the best diet for brain health, and it turns out it's breakfast. Scientists have been talking about breakfast benefits for years, but the truth is not all morning meals are built the same.

Eating a shiny glazed danish is more likely to send you into a sugar crash than help you ace a test. And studies say eating a big breakfast in the morning won't help you shed extra pounds either.

Eating a healthy breakfast does have benefits, especially in children. A 2013 study in the Frontiers In Human Neuroscience journal found that children who consumed breakfast performed positively in behavioural and cognitive activities. And when you get a little older, that balanced bowl of oatmeal and bananas will keep you up and active all day too.

Watch the video above to learn which foods are best for brain health and let us know: what foods do you eat to help boost your brainpower?

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