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Food Trends 2014: What Chefs Predict We'll Be Eating This Year

20 Interesting Food Predictions From Canadian Chefs
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Every year, restaurant lovers are given a list of the food trends that might be coming their way and whether or not they are dishes they'd like to explore.

At the beginning of 2014, we noted trends towards things like fancy comfort foods, more vegetarian options and frozen booze. Other lists got us excited about everything from new uses for pretzels to house-made vinaigrettes.

This year, the Restaurants Canada Chef Survey, which released this month, looked, well, a lot like it has in the past couple of years. The extensive list, which covers everything from the trends already on menus to up-and-coming foods also breaks down into tidbits like "preparation methods" and "culinary themes."

Since this information comes from more than 400 professional chefs, we expect they know what they're talking about — and they make no bones about the fact that certain foods come up again and again. Local food, for example, has topped the list for the past four years, but was finally taken down by none other than gluten-free foods, which we're sure you'd agree are absolutely everywhere.

We went through their picks to find the items that we believed were the most interesting of the trends — and in some cases, the most surprising. Let us know if you agree in the comments below:

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The Coolest Food Trends Of 2014

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