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Food Trends 2014: What's Coming Up And What Is Passé In Food

Out With The Old, In With The New Food Trends
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Just when we thought we had seen everything restaurants could throw at us, 2013 presented some novel situations — like say, the ramenburger, the cronut and Sriracha everywhere. So as we come up to 2014, we cannot wait to see what the top food trends will be in the coming year.

During these past 12 months, superfoods like chia and dining trends like discounts for losing the cell phone have been front and centre. But really, it's the wacky and surprising things we'll be putting in our mouths that we can't wait to see.

Hospitality and restaurant consultants Andrew Freeman & Co. have done the research about what's coming in — and what most definitely has gone out. Take a look at their choices for the hottest foods of 2014, and let us know if you think you'll be on board to try them out.

Out With The: Cupcakes

New Hot Food For 2014

Out With The: Cupcakes

In With The: Ice Cream Sandwiches

Out With The: Vegan

In With The: Sugar-Free

Out With The: Korean Tacos

In With The: Pizzarito

Out With The: Brussels Sprouts

In With The: Sea Beans

Out With The: Fried Chicken

In With The: Fried Rabbit

Out With The: Cocktails

In With The: Teatails

Out With The: Croissants

In With The: Biscuits

Out With The: Bacon

In With The: Tongue

Out With The: Flowers

In With The: Edible Trees And Firs

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