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Foods After Birth: 10 Foods To Celebrate The End Of Labour (PHOTOS)

Just Had A Baby? Start Looking Forward To These Foods Again

Everyone deserves a hearty meal after a long day of hard work. But just imagine how good this meal must taste after being in labour for hours, dealing with anxious family members and giving up some of your favourite foods for nine months.

Although most experts recommend breastfeeding mothers lay off smoking, alcohol and sugary soft drinks in general, there are some time gaps when new moms can indulge. It is important, however, to remember that dieting or counting calories should never be the priority straight after birth (and smoking isn't a great idea no matter when you do it).

"Immediate post-pregnancy is not the time to be cutting calories. Your first priority is to give your baby what he or she needs. Restricting calories will only deprive [your baby] of much-needed nourishment, according to BabyFit. In fact, the site recommends women should take in at least 3100 calories a day, or 100 more than you did during those nine months.

But besides being able to see our lovely toes again, there are some foods that are good for new moms (and feel good overall) that we can eat right away. Sticking to healthy options like fresh fruit, raw vegetables and yogurt is one way to kick-start your body's engine -- but we're not going to deny the positive mental effects of indulging in ooey-gooey melted cheese and fizzy pop too.

Here are 10 foods that are in the safe zone after labour:


10 Foods You Can Eat After Birth


Nothing says relief like raw fish wrapped in seaweed and rice -- well, for some people, anyway. During pregnancy, women are often told to stay away from raw and seared fish due to possible parasites and bacteria, and even some cooked fish because of possible mercury levels. On the big day, don't feel shy to order a plate (or two) of your favourite sushi mix.


Even though most grains and pastas are fine during pregnancy, they are vital right after birth. Grains are not only comforting after birth but foods like pastas and bread fuel your body with energy and are easy to digest.

Runny Cheeses And Deli Meats

Baby vomit, baby cereal and loads of milk. With these three fluids being on the radar for the next few months, we can at least assure you that runny cheese looks and tastes the best. During pregnancy, some women are asked to lay off soft-ripened cheeses, as well as deli meats, because of listeria warnings. But once baby's born, how can you possibly resist?

Beer And Alcohol

Okay, while you probably don't want to finish a six-pack right after an intense day of labour (even though you might feel like it), you can however drink 0.5 grams of alcohol per kilogram of your body weight, according to The Subcommittee on Nutrition During Lactation. Don't want to do all that math? We can justify one celebratory sip after birth.

Fresh Fruit

After birth your body will probably feel weak and sore. Even before pregnancy, most of us know that eating fresh fruits is the best way to stay nourished. Fruits also offer vitamin C, which helps your immune system get back in shape.

Cottage Cheese

If your body is in dire need of cheeses and you're still being cautious, you can always opt for one that is good for your health. Cottage cheese is not only low in fats and carbs, but it will also build bone structure.

Fresh Veggies

You probably won't be craving any vegetables right after birth, but carrot sticks need love too -- just like your body. Raw vegetables are high in nutrients.


Nothing will make you feel more like a kid again than eating a granola bar in your hospital or bedroom bed. Oats digest slowly and also help rebuild muscle strength.

Sunflower Seeds

Even though most people recommend eating these seeds during pregnancy too, they are also vital after birth. They may not be a bag of salty potato chips but munching on sunflower seeds will fill you up with folic acids.

Caffeine And Soda

Did you miss your fizzy pops and early morning coffees? Most women end up giving up or cutting down on coffee and sodas during pregnancy, due to potential effects from the caffeine and aspartame -- so it's safe to celebrate with at least one cup of your favourite afterwards.

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