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Funny Santa Photo Fails From Babies So Over Christmas

We don't know why babies hate Santa, but we're here for the pics.

Ah, Santa photos. A heart-warming holiday tradition of our angelic little ones telling the big man in red what their hearts desire for Christmas, all captured in beautiful pics you’ll cherish for years to come.

Right, unless your kid hates Santa and you stood in line for hours so they could lose their ever-loving shit the moment they get near him. Which is, essentially, every baby’s truth.

We reached out in some Facebook groups and asked Canadian parents to share their Santa photo fails. And they are SO GOOD. We laughed, we cried, we laugh-cried, and we commiserated about our own epic, sobbing, catastrophic photo fails (which, BTW, we still made into Christmas cards).

Check out the gallery below to see some amazing Santa photo fails submitted by Canadian parents (aren’t our kids supposed to be polite or something?).

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Santa Photo Fails

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