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Funny Street Names In Nova Scotia Bring Hilarity And Head-Scratching

Most Confusing Street Names Ever?

Full disclosure: we've never been to Porters Lake, N.S. We're sure it's a lovely place but boy, does it look intimidating to navigate.

Just take the community's confusing choices in street naming, for example. You've got This Street, That Street and The Other Street. Yes, there's an actual street called "The Other Street." We're not sure what the reference is, but it must be one special street.

It's probably not a big deal for the 3,200 or so people who live in the suburb, but for a traveller visiting the area, asking for directions could pose some problems. That, or excellent material for a Canadian sitcom.

The humour of the matter wasn't wasted on Reddit user b0xlunch, prompting them to post a Google Maps screen cap of the area. Users also pointed out that despite being named Post Office Road, the town's post office is actually on Keizer Drive. Crazy, huh?

It’s also worth noting that Porters Lake, N.S. isn’t alone when it comes to oddly-named streets. Make a trip to the city of Culver, Ore. and you might just find your way on This Way Lane and That Way Lane. But frankly, let’s all just be thankful we don’t have to live on Broomrape Lane.

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