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Fur Oil Is The Product Your Pubic Hair Has Been Waiting For

It promises to keep your hair down there in tip-top shape.

If you're longing for silky soft pubes, we may have just found the answer.

Beauty brand "Fur" has created an oil specifically for pubic hair, which promises to soften it for comfort and manageability. Made of nine natural oils including grape seed, jojoba, tea tree and clary sage seed, Fur Oil can be used "as frequently as desired to enhance pubic hair and skin." It also is antiseptic and antimicrobial and works to prevent ingrown hairs.

The product was created by sisters Emily and Laura Schubert, and their friend, Lillian Tung, after they realized women are neglecting their nether regions. Emily explained to Fashionista that while we all slather on hair cream and body lotion, we often forget about our lady bits.

"I started thinking about how women are treating their pubic area and how it's not really in line with what's going on right now," she said. "Fur is [what's on the] spectrum between having no hair and being unruly and unkempt. I feel like it's that new wave of feminism. You care about yourself, but it's more about you as a woman, not about men. I realized it really wasn't that crazy."

Tung added, "Cosmetics is a crowded place and pubic hair is an empty space. So I was like, Yeah, no brainer. Everybody has pubic hair and we should make sure that we help them take care of it, no matter how they want to."

And as for the packaging? "I wanted it to look like timeless Chanel packaging or Yves Saint Laurent, but then I wanted there to be the shock factor when you look at it and it says 'For pubic hair,'" Emily explains. "It's out in the open and to me that's truly elegant."

Fur Oil retails for $39 and is available at

Would you try it?

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