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Future Jobs Could Include 'Nostalgists' And 'Robot Counsellors': CST (PHOTOS)

Exactly what jobs will be available to us in the economy of the future?

The Canadian Scholarship Trust Plan set out to answer that question with a digital job fair for the year 2030, which was designed as part of its "Inspired Minds" initiative.

In just under 20 years, robots could take the place of family counsellors, while solar technology specialists could see increasing demand for their services. Same for people who can remediate lands that have been decimated by industrial activity and who can turn waste into useful products.

Here are 10 jobs we can expect to see emerge in the coming years.

Basically an interior designer for retirees, the "nostalgist" will re-design living spaces for wealthy seniors to reflect their favourite decades. Just imagine living in a college dorm room or your grandmother's house for the rest of your life!
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Talk about taking the land back! A "rewilder's" job will be to remediate lands that have been decimated by industrial activity such as factories, cars and monoculture farming. They would replace roads with forests, reintroduce native species and take out fences to restore birds' flight paths. Just imagine how much money a "rewilder" could make restoring the oilsands!
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People living in remote communities are having increasing difficulty accessing medical care. That may necessitate the advent of the "tele-surgeon," who would operate on people in far away locations using robotic tools. If doctors are already making virtual house calls, why not this?
Garbage Designer
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Forget recycling; "upcycling" is the wave of the future. It's a process of turning waste into useful products, such as old magazines into place mats or flower pots. "Garbage designers" will be the experts in how to turn discarded products into items we need. They could be in hot demand from companies that want to turn waste into clothes, toys and furniture.
Simplicity Expert
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The 20th century gave us "efficiency experts," so perhaps the 21st century will give us "simplicity" instead. These experts will find ways to reduce administrative workload, job interviews, even working hours. A keen understanding of social science will be important for this role.
Healthcare Navigator
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A professional who helps people navigate complicated health care systems is something we need sooner rather than later. These people would teach patients the ins and outs of such a system and help families cope with stressful times.
Aquaponic Fish Farmer
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With global warming and increasing stress on water bodies from industrial activity, it can be more difficult for fish to survive in their natural habitats. Thus, they become tougher to catch. Aquaponics, a smaller-scale version of fish farming that takes fewer resources, might hold the answer. This system would combine fish farming with gardening, having plants grow over water with the fish living beneath them. The plants would add oxygen to the water and fish waste would help fertilize the greenery.
Solar Technology Specialist
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As we move forward, we'll be looking for more efficient and sustainable ways to obtain energy. As such, we may find ourselves looking increasingly toward the sun. Solar technology specialists would help building owners to design and maintain panels in cities and manage grids in the countryside.
Neighbourhood Watch Officer
Drones are all the rage at the moment, with applications such as real estate marketing and search and rescue. One day, they may even be useful for neighbourhood watches. Officers with such detachments would use the drones to monitor cars, unsecured homes and even keep watch for fire patrol.
Robot Counsellor
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Robots are taking on an increasingly important role in the family home. The robot counsellor of the future will work much like a family counsellor, ensuring that a household has the right one working for it, particularly when it comes to assisting elderly people. A counsellor will observe the family's interactions and if conflicts happen, the robot can help provide better options.
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