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Rumours Of 'Gay Injection' Infect B.C. Election

Burnaby's municipal election is getting heated with rumours that one party is circulating a "fact" that a new gay serum will be injected into children.

One parent claims that a volunteer with the Burnaby First Coalition said the opposition Burnaby Citizens Association (BCA) supports "the gays," according to the Burnaby Leader.

Katrina Chen, a BCA school trustee candidate, also spoke to that parent, who said she was told: "They're going to give them an injection to make them gay." Chen recounted the conversation in a CBC News interview.

The rumour has been circulating only through the Mandarin-speaking community, BCA school trustee Harman Pandher told the Burnaby Now.

We’re not hearing this in the mainstream media, we’re not hearing this at all-candidates' events or on party websites – it’s being done sneakily and it’s unfortunate,” he told the newspaper.

However, Burnaby First Coalition's mayoral candidate Daren Hancott denied that the rumour came from his party.

“I've talked to all of our candidates. I've talked to as many supporters as I could," he told CBC News. "Nobody knew what was going on. I’m still trying to figure out what’s going on here and what it means."


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