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George W. Bush Hides From U.S. Election On 22 Minutes (VIDEO)

It's no secret Mitt Romney's campaign has wanted to keep George W. Bush out of the spotlight, but sending him to hide on Canadian television?

That's exactly what Bush, played by 22 Minutes' Mark Critch, does on Tuesday night's election special, admitting Romney wanted to keep him "out of sight, our of mind."

According to Bush, it's not the first time he's hid something in Canada: "Once when I was high on coke in college, me and my buddies hid a dead hooker on 'Front Page Challenge'"

Believe it or not, it actually gets funnier from there.

Bush isn't the only one appearing on the America Votes, Canada Watches special. Fake political pundit Janet Tucker will be there to give her take on Canada's lack of love for Romney. You can see a preview below


Canadians will undoubtedly be tied to their TVs Tuesday night as results from the U.S. vote begin to role in.

And if Romney pulls off an unexpected victory, Bush may not be the only one taking refuge north of the border. You can check out tweets from Americans who are already threatening to head North in the slideshow below.

This Hour Has 22 Minutes airs on CBC TV Tuesday nights at 8:30 p.m. Catch more clips of the show on Facebook and Twitter.

Tweets On Americans Moving To Canada

Take a look at the countries in the Globescan poll where support for Obama was the highest in the slideshow below:

If The World Could Vote
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