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Germany's Olympic Outfits: Are They Sending A Political Message At 2014 Sochi Games?

Gemany's Olympic Outfits: Are They A Political Message?

Germany made sure all eyes were on their athletes at the 2014 Olympic opening ceremony on Friday, Feb. 7, thanks to their colourful threads.

The rainbow of blue, green, yellow, red and white immediately drew thoughts towards Russia's anti-gay sentiments which have become a backdrop to the Games. (The rainbow is known for being a symbol of gay pride.)

So were the bright outfits a big "F U" to the host nation? Not according to the outfit's designer, Willy Bogner.

Instead, they were intended to celebrate “the great atmosphere” of the 1972 Summer Games in Munich.

A spokesperson for the German Olympic Sports Confederation told Die Tageszeitung that "the uniforms are not a protest," and that the jackets were designed before the controversy over Russia's anti-gay laws began.

However, the outfits are getting a huge and positive reaction on Twitter.

However others did not see the outfits as a stance against anti-gay laws.

What do you think? Are Germany's Olympic opening ceremony outfits a political statement? Sound off in the comments below.

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