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Get To Know Elizabeth May In 51 Questions

Her curse word of choice is..

You've seen them on TV and in debates but what are the federal leaders like behind the scenes? HuffPost Canada put 51 questions to the heads of the five main political parties to get to know them better.

Elizabeth May, leader of the Green Party

Age: 61 years

Born: June 9, 1954, Hartford, Conn.

Education: Law degree from Dalhousie University

Previous occupation: Lawyer, executive director of Sierra Club of Canada

Left-handed/right-handed: right-handed

Height: 5’3”

Eye colour: Blue

Astrological sign: Gemini

Haircut style and where: Haven Spa, Sidney, B.C.

Cats vs. dogs: dogs

Pets: Jackson, rescue dog my friends share with me

Marital status: Single

Children: Daughter Cate, 24 years old

How do you take your coffee? With cream

Sports you play: Swimming

Sports you like to watch: Cricket

Favourite food: Dungeness crab

Favourite restaurant: Haro's in Sidney, B.C.

Beer or wine: Red wine

Favourite NHL hockey team: Montreal Canadiens

Favourite author: Farley Mowat

Last book read/book you’re currently reading: Sold Down the Yangtze: Canada's Lopsided Investment Deal with China

Favourite music: Beatles or Simon and Garfunkel

Favourite movie: “Heaven Can Wait”

Favourite TV shows: “Downton Abbey,” “The Wire,” “Jane the Virgin”

Favourite article of clothing: My green Haida wrap

Biggest regret from your teenage years: No regrets

Would you rather be on “Celebrity Apprentice,” “Dragon's Den,” “The Amazing Race” or “Survivor”? “The Amazing Race”

Typical Canadian skill you may not have: Taking Buzzfeed quizzes

Curse word of choice: Jeez Louise

You have the afternoon off, what do you do?: Go to a friend's house for lunch, read a novel, laundry.

Best piece of advice you ever received (and from whom): My mom said, "You can accomplish anything you want as long as you don't care who gets the credit."

What did you want to be when you grew up? An environmental lawyer

Thing you are most proud of: My family

First job: Waitress, cook at family restaurant The Marion Elizabeth

Your house is on fire and you only have time to grab one personal item. What do you grab? My mother's amethyst necklace

Who should play you in a movie? Meryl Streep

If you’re welcoming a pen pal from abroad, where would you take them? Anywhere with coastline and trees

Books written:

  • Budworm Battles
  • Paradise Won
  • At The Cutting Edge
  • Frederick Street: Life and Death on Canada's Love Canal
  • Global Warming for Dummies
  • How to Save the World in your Spare Time
  • Losing Confidence: Power, Politics, and the Crisis in Canadian Democracy
  • Who We Are: Reflections on My Life and Canada

Do you watch the nightly news? Yes

What newspapers/websites do you read? The Guardian UK, the Times Colonist, Island Tides, The Globe and Mail, Le Devoir, many more

Last family vacation: A week at Whale Cove Village near my family home in Cape Breton

Inspiration: Wangari Matthai and other great activists, the sight of the ocean

Property owned: None

Pastimes: Reading, playing Scrabble with Cate, walking my dog

Political idol: Petra Kelly, founder of the Green Party in Germany

What you think your most controversial idea is/was? Rejecting the belief that investor-state agreements are positive

Biggest political regret: Voting strategically one time (She won’t say who she supported but said it was when she lived in Nova Scotia)

Hardest political move you had to make so far: Everything is hard, but it's worth doing

Favourite speech you gave: Spaceship Earth, talking about climate change

Your favourite quote from yourself: Democracy is too important to be left to politicians

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