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Giant Obstacle Course: Dad Builds Awesome Adventure For His Kids (WATCH)

WATCH: Dad Creates Amazing Obstacle Course, Earns Kids' Eternal Love

If you're a dad who just happens to be obsessed with Wipeout, the TV show that depicts people attempting to conquer super slippery obstacle courses, what's the logical step for you to take during the summer? Why, make your kids a giant obstacle course in an homage to the show, of course.

Mike "Crazy Legs" Conley, a Brooklin, Ontario resident who appeared on last season of Wipeout Canada, created a massive obstacle course for the kids in his neighbourhood this summer — and specifically, his own kids. As he wrote on his blog:

"After toying with the idea for about 4 months, I finally committed to building a new super-sized Wipeout Kids Course. On Saturday August 11, the whole neighborhood came together to celebrate Wipeout Kids day and take on the 90′ course I built on the street. The kids were ecstatic and had smiles from ear to ear all day long!!"

It was his audition tape for the TV show that inspired the reality, he told ABC News. "We made [the original video] to impress the producers, and then it took off virally,” Conley said. “I just thought, ‘If this got so many views, imagine if I designed an actual course?"

Though it was seemingly created as part of a promotion for Wipeout Kids, there's no question it also served its purpose as making Conley an absolute hero of the neighbourhood for months to come. And it's hard to argue with his message: "Parents: Find the time to leave the office early, put down your smart phone, turn off your TV and go outside to create memories with your kids."

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