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Gifts That Will Make Being Outside This Winter A Lot More Enjoyable

'Cause it can be tempting to stay inside and watch "The Queen's Gambit" all day.

With social bubbles tightened, indoor public activities restricted, and lockdown measures strengthened in many areas of the country, many of us are already getting tired of board games and Netflix, and winter hasn’t even officially started.

Which may lead some to realize that hmm, maybe we should get outside more.

So, if you have someone on your Christmas list who definitely wants to get some fresh air now and then, here are some gift ideas that will help them enjoy the outdoors a little bit more this winter.

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Gifts That Will Help Us Enjoy The Winter Outdoors

LED Light Up Toque, $26, La Di Da Boutique

Take a toque and level up with this rechargeable LED beanie that’s perfect for hands-free visibility in the dark. And since it gets dark so early these days, this beauty will come in handy whether you’re walking home at night, going for a run, or camping in the great outdoors. Get it at La Di Da Boutique.

Toasterz Reusable Heat Pack, $6.95, MEC

Hands will stay toasty with this reusable, non-toxic heat pack that’s safe for kids and pets. The heat pack will keep you warm for about 45 minutes to two hours, depending on use and exposure. Get it at MEC.

Fleece leggings, $14.99, H&M

Two words: Fleece. Leggings. Get a pair at H&M.

Tea leaves, $21.95, Sloane

A thermos of tea will keep the body warm, and this Celebration Medley, infused with apple, orange, and rose, is the perfect antidote to the cold. Get it at Sloane.

Hot chocolate mix, $16, Soul Chocolate

Those of us who aren’t outdoors-inclined know that a cup of hot chocolate can do wonders for our mood, and dare we suggest, make the outdoors tolerable, even on a snow day. Get it at Soul Chocolate.

Reusable cup, $42, The REPlace

You’re going to need a reusable cup for all that hot chocolate and tea drinking! Get it at The REPlace.

Fleece infinity scarf, $29.97, Nordstrom Rack

This super soft scarf will keep the wearer warm and cosy and looking super cute to boot. Get it at Nordstrom Rack.

Cable knit headband, $60, Irish Design House

A touch of style will go a long way to making an outdoor excursion more fun, and this cable knit headband will keep the recipient warm and feeling cute. Get it at Irish Design House.

Snow pants, $134.95, MEC

If you’re planning on spending lots of time outdoors (“The Queen’s Gambit” can wait, OK?), you’re going to need a good pair of snow pants that are waterproof, that keep you warm, and are comfortable. This pair, which isn’t bulky and is easy to put on and take off, fits the bill. Get it at MEC.

Chocolate, $14, Mary’s Brigadeiro

We can’t be the only ones who like to stash a bar of chocolate in our pockets when we’re going outside, right? Chocolate is warming, right? RIGHT? Get a bar at Mary’s Brigadeiro.

Snow shoes, $149.99, Sport Chek

If you feel like splurging, a decent pair of snow shoes will inject a lot of fun into this unprecedented pandemic winter. An easy way to get your steps in (provided there’s snow), snow shoeing is a fun way to pass the time with the whole family. Get a pair at Sport Chek.

A sled, $24.99, Canadian Tire

Kids aren’t the only ones who can sled. Encourage the people in your house to hit the slopes and join you on a local hill! Get it at Canadian Tire.

Mitts, $59.99, Manitobah Mukluks

The mitts you wear will make or break your outdoor experience. OK, we joke a bit, but seriously, if you’re not wearing a proper pair of moisture-wicking, super warm mitts, then what are you even doing? Get a pair at Manitobah Mukluks.

Wool socks, $18.50, Irish Design House

If you’re going to be spending a lot of time outdoors, plain ol’ cotton socks just won’t do — unlike cotton, wool can absorb a high amount of moisture so by wearing wool socks, you’ll be able to stay warmer and dryer, longer. Get a pair at Irish Design House.

Unisex onesie, $65, Set Me Free

Sleep, lounge, and voyage outside in this fleece onesie, which you’ll never ever want to take off. Just don’t forget to shower. Get it at Set Me Free.

Gift card to a coffee shop

Give a pal an e-gift card to their favourite local coffee haunt, Timmies or otherwise, and they’ll warm up in no time while they’re trekking down ... wherever you’re allowed to trek these days. Get it at Tim Horton’s.

Hanging patio heater, $149, Lowe’s

OK, so maybe we don’t all want to go outside. But if you have to, because you know, we need fresh air, don’t venture farther than your porch with this hanging patio heater. Get it at Lowe’s.

Gift card to an outdoors shop

If all else fails, get the outdoors-lover-to-be a gift card to a local outdoors shop. Get it at MEC.

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