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Gifts For You: 12 Things To Help You Reach Your Goals In 2016

Now's the time to shop for yourself!

You've been shopping for others for weeks on end, but now's the time to shop for yourself.

With many stores still pushing holiday sales, you can finally purchase the things you've been eyeing for months without feeling a dent in your wallet. Below, we list 12 things you can gift yourself in advance of the new year.

From fancy workout gear to a gourmet dinner in a box, these tools and treatments will not only leave you feeling pampered, they can also help you get started on your 2016 resolutions.

A Spa Treatment
Liquidlibrary via Getty Images
Let the chaos of the holidays fade from your memory with a trip to the spa. If part of your 2016 resolution is to save in the new year, you can get the same relaxing effects from a soothing milk bath in the comfort of your own home.
A Food Delivery Service
No, not takeout. Whether you're learning how to cook or just trying to get out of grocery shopping, a food delivery service like Chef's Plate can help you get more comfortable in the kitchen and can help you eat healthier too.
New Running Shoes
If weight training and running are more your style, a new pair of runners, like these Stella McCartney sneakers, will make you feel good about lacing up and heading out.
A Waterbottle
You know you should be drinking more water, but it's easy to forget about it when your sitting at a desk all day. Remind yourself to sip a little with a sparkling water bottle you'll want to put on display. We like this S'Well bottle, which holds both hot and cold beverages for 12 to 24 hours.
A Yoga Mat
If your old mat is falling apart or if you're trying yoga for the first time, a new reversible yoga mat could give you the motivation you need to stretch more.
Language Lessons
Emanuel Hallklint/Flickr
iPhone's app of the year, Duolingo is a great (free) tool you can download to help you reach your language goals.
A Fitness Journal
If getting healthy is one of your goals in 2016, keep a wellness journal near by. This beautiful book from Blogilates has sections for you to track what you are eating, drinking, when you workout and, most importantly, how you feel every day.
A Fitness Tracker
If overall wellness is your goal in 2016, a fitness tracker can help keep you in check. The Fit Bit Charge HR is considered the best by Wearable due to its versatility, comfort and effectiveness.
Cozy Reading Socks
If your resolution is to find more time for relaxation, you'll want to invest in these warm socks. Once you put them on all you'll want to do is kick back with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate. Get it at Indigo.
A Gym Membership
Thomas Barwick via Getty Images
The gym isn't just great for getting fit, if one of your goals is to meet new people, the gym can be a great place for that too. If you don't like working out alone, we recommend Class Pass, which gets you access into dozens of exclusive gym classes.
A Meditation Headband
If meditating is one of the things you wish to improve on in the new year, the Muse headband may be what you need. The thin band is worn over your forehead and aims to guide your thoughts by playing calming sounds and monitoring your brain activity.
A Coffe Club Subscription
If you love sipping on coffee a monthly subscription from a club like Nomad can provide you with your flavour fix, while introducing you to some of the best brews out there.

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