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Girl Talk: Stuff Guys Just Don't Get

From pregnancy to the nuisance that is getting a manicure, here are a few things only the ladies will ever know about
Friends talking in cafe
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Friends talking in cafe

We’ve heard it before: men are from Mars, women are from Venus. Some argue this statement is a fallacy, but it’s sometimes true that differing experiences and even our genetic makeup make it so that there are things the opposite sex will never truly understand.

From pregnancy to the nuisance and wonder that is getting a manicure, here are a few examples of things only the ladies in this world know about. This article is presented in partnership with Poise Impressa.

1. How useless your hands become after a fresh mani. Manicures are beautiful but this, this is not.

2. What’s usually done by dudes as a dare or for laughs is just another part of our beauty routine. Case in point: waxing.

3. Some men may actually know of the struggle that is finding a good hair tie that won’t break after three uses. In that case, you feel our pain.

4. The restroom isn’t just for relieving yourself. The deepest lady secrets are exchanged on these holy premises. (And men wonder why we go in pairs.)

5. The bladder leaks that can happen when you’re pregnant and laughing

6. Being pregnant. Period.

7. Bladder leaks. Period.

8. Cramps. They’re actually hugs from the devil.

9. Wearing tampons for the first time. Where does this thing even go?

10. The importance of having that “mother hen” during a night out on the town. Because some guys just can’t take a hint.

11. When you just want to roll the windows down and cruise but the winds are like “hah, nope.”

12. The beauty that is taking your bra off after a long day at work.

13. The danger that is laughing a little too hard while on your period.

14. There are some things that boys just don’t understand and that’s okay.

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