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"I'm going to wet my pants."

Parents relish their children's reactions to Christmas presents — but for one couple, this one will probably be hard to top.

When Courtney and Steve Solstad arrived home with their adopted newborn son, Nathan, on Saturday, they chose to surprise their girls by placing the baby under the tree, according to

"The girls knew nothing about Nathan until this. We met them at the door and told them that we had been out Christmas shopping and got them a gift to share...and it was under the tree," Courtney Solstad, who lives in Dallas, Tx., wrote in a Facebook post that has since been removed.

The couple had been hoping to adopt another child, and one of their daughters had even wished for a baby for Christmas.

When they finally find their new brother, Chloe, 10, Emma, 8, and Maci, 7, completely freak out — and their parents caught it all on video.

"I'm going to wet my pants," one of the girls says.

Watch the full video above — you won't regret it.

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