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Give A Little Love: Video Shows Us The Importance Of Giving To Others

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"If you give a little love, you can get a little love of your own."

Using this quote as the inspiration for a video that has gone viral, this four-minute clip, which looks to be the work of non-profit Christian organization Křižovatka Olomouc in Czech Republic or talented YouTube user Graham Kervin, shows us the importance of doing good deeds.

And a good deed can mean anything from holding the elevator for a stranger, helping your neighbour rake leaves or even cleaning up a spill in the office kitchen. It seems the perfect time of year to remember that helping others doesn't need to be a huge effort, but only means going out of your way slightly to take others into consideration.

Labelled "A few minutes of perfection," by a user on Facebook, it has over 140,000 shares and 45,000 likes. It follows an average day for a group of strangers, who each get inspired to perform an act of kindness after watching someone else do so — the perfect example of the domino effect. It also mixes in video clips of a young boy who painted over a vandalized wall (and there could be other clips from different sources we may have missed).

YouTube user Kervin also adds that the video is "a series of video clips taken from various sources to depict Noah and the Whale's 'Give a Little Love.'"

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