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Goal Setting Like An Olympian: Why Simon Whitfield Believes 'Anything Is Possible'

You'll want to grab a pen and paper for this. Trust us.

Before Simon Whitfield won gold at the 2000 Summer Games in Sydney, he remembers standing in front of the iconic Opera House before the host city was even announced.

As it turns out, the Australian landmark was also the starting point for the Whitfield's event: The first ever Men's Triathlon.

Now, some would say that's just a coincidence, but if you ask Whitfield, he'd tell you it was all part of his goal-setting process.

“I call it vision forward. Have vision forward. See where you want to go and then take the next step,” says the Olympian.

And while there was plenty of training to overcome the grueling course comprised of a 1,500m swim coupled with a 40km bike ride, as well as a 10km run, there was one daily regimen not many people saw.

“I have a journal where every single day I wrote ‘I am the Olympic champion’ before it ever happened."

By visualizing the outcome he wanted, Whitfield says it help focused his goals and led him to believe him "anything is possible".

For more on what means, listen up to what the medalist has to say as part of the 2 Minutes To Transform web series.

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