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Goat Captured In Forest Lawn After Running Loose (VIDEO)

A goat on the loose sent Calgary police on a wild four-legged chase Monday, prompting a call for backup to catch the bleating billy.

Police were called to the 1900 block of 37 St. S.E. after a small black and white goat was spotted in several yards in the Forest Lawn community, reports the Calgary Herald.

Officers got hands on the farm animal several times, but after he slipped from their fingers, reinforcements were called in.

Mike Tucker, manager for Livestock Identification Services Ltd., a company that captures stray cattle, arrived on scene to help round up the kid.

“They just said they had a goat in Calgary and were having some troubles getting it caught,” Tucker told the Calgary Sun of the 9 a.m. call.

After giving chase for about 20 minutes, Tucker and police cornered the goat in a backyard and corralled him into a trailer.

It's unknown where the goat came from, reports Global News, but its possible it could have escaped a nearby custom meat shop or veterinary clinic.

“He was in good shape. Whoever had him was taking good care of him,” Tucker told the Herald.

“He’s just a little skittish, I guess, from running around town."

This is only the second time in seven years Tucker has been called in to help round up a goat, he told the Sun.

According to Global News, the animal will be held for 14 days as they wait for an owner to come forward. If they can't find the owner, the goat will be auctioned off.

This young kid was the second goat to make headlines in as many weeks in Alberta.

Last week RCMP were called to a report of a lost goat near North Wabasca Lake in northern Alberta. The goat was taken in by a local animal rescue.

Police believe that goat may have been left behind by a travelling petting zoo.

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