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Godfrey Gao's Girlfriend Bella Su Makes Touching Tribute On Instagram

The Taiwanese-Canadian actor died filming a Chinese reality show.

The passing of 35-year-old Godfrey Gao last November devastated his fans and loved ones, girlfriend Bella Su among them. On Dec. 31, Su opened up about her relationship with the Taiwanese-Canadian actor and model for the first time since his death, in a tribute posted to Instagram.

Su, an influencer and model, kept a low profile after her partner’s death. She set her Instagram to private after news broke that he died filming the Chinese reality show “Chase Me,” which features guests undergoing extreme physical challenges. The series was cancelled after Godfrey collapsed on-set and died of a cardiac arrest. Its network received widespread criticism for the gruelling conditions it put guests under.

The couple dated for three years largely out of the public eye. Her first Instagram post dedicated to Gao featured a caption addressed to him, along with photos of the couple.

“You made my life whole. Through our love, we will never be apart,” she wrote in English on Instagram.

A translation of the rest of Su’s post states that she felt like her life was completed by their love.

“You are the best gift from heaven to me. Thank you for teaching me everything. My life has been fulfilled,” she wrote to Gao.

Watch the video above to see Su’s post and how Gao hoped to take their relationship to the next level before he passed.

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