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GoldieBlox Super Bowl Commercial Sets Girls' Sights High (VIDEO)

It's time for some girls to take over the Super Bowl.

At least, that seemed to be the message behind toy company GoldieBlox's Super Bowl ad, which featured a mass of girls and their toys, all working together to create new toys and, yes, instill some fear in the boys.

Similar to their ad set to the tune of Beastie Boys' "Girls" released late last year, this commercial uses a reworked version of Slade's "Come On Feel the Noize" as its anthem. The girls cheer out lyrics like "We're more than pink pink pink; we want to think" and run through town with their (guess what colour) rocking horses and dollhouses to an out-of-this-world finish.

Selected as the winner of Intuit's contest for small businesses to air a commercial during the most expensive advertising time of the year, toys for girls may seem like a surprising fit for the testoserone-driven Super Bowl, but it seems to have struck a chord with audiences, who voted it in.

And though GoldieBlox has had its fair share of controversy, including the very idea of marketing to girls specifically because they are girls, it's a pretty fun way to sell toys — and if it prompts parents to get out their old Slade albums and have a dance party with the kids, all the better.

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