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Google Feud Is Our New Favourite Game To Play Online

Your Afternoon Timewaster Has Arrived, And It's All Thanks To Google
Google Feud

If you feel like you need to procrastinate while also pretending to yourself that you've learned something, we have your solution: Google Feud.

It’s exactly what it sounds like. You, dear reader, simply guess how Google would autocomplete a search phrase in a given category (the options are Culture, People, Names and Questions). Any answers in the Top 10 autocomplete results get you points. Everything else earns you a strike.

And while Google Feud plays exactly like its namesake, there’s no family members, cash prizes or studio audiences involved. Also, it's not in any way legally associated with Google or Family Feud.

The answers are pulled from Google’s autocomplete using the Google API, and some of the answers can range from hilarious to outright disgusting, so consider yourself warned.

It's also surprisingly difficult, so if you too find yourself stuck at finding eight more answers to complete "James," know you are not alone.

(Need more afternoon procrastination? Cards Against Humanity is now available to play online, so say goodbye productivity, and hello inappropriate laughter!)


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