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Gordon Ramsay Swearing, Yelling, And Basically Destroying Human Souls (GIFs)

A Compilation Of Gordon Ramsay Destroying Human Souls (NSFW)

Gordon Ramsay announced a couple days ago that his restaurant fix-it show "Kitchen Nightmares" is no more. The TV show featured the British chef entering run-down and struggling establishments, and via his trademark yelling and tough love, he'd usually turn them around.

Thank goodness we still have "Hell's Kitchen" and "MasterChef," where we can see our beloved Ramsay lambaste yet another poor soul. In remembrance of the now-defunct "Kitchen Nightmares," we thought we'd celebrate Ramsay's trademark phrases and ... to put it delicately, his best outbursts.

As you may have correctly inferred, this contains foul language and may be NSFW.

This happens at least once an episode.

This is your cue to go upstairs and start smoking cigarettes while anxiously debating what you're going to say to stay on the show.

A derivative of "It's raw," this also happens at least once an episode.

Sometimes no words need to escape his mouth to send fear rippling down your spine.

Any contestant on any of his shows dreads this the most.

This occurs when utter rage has set in.

Gordon Ramsay isn't exactly the sensitive/politically correct/decent type.

Though it seems likely that someone writes them for him -- who could come up with these gems on the fly?

One of his favourites.

Dreaded words that might mean more than one of you is going home.

The PG-rated version of "F**k off!" -- though this might be worse because Ramsay can't even be bothered to raise his voice to you.

Entering into Ramsay's personal space is never a good thing.

He just can't take you -- or your terrible food -- again.

Here's a lovely collection, too, just for s**ts and giggles:

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